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Located adjacent to the University of Missouri-Columbia, this French Country style private home, built in the early 1960s, incorporates many traditional interior elements in addition to it’s striking mansard roof style architecture.

This beautiful home was originally in disrepair and under went a complete overhaul under Tam’s design and direction.  This included a complete interior decoration of the home’s French style interior.  In addition, Tam lead a redesign of the home’s front and rear exterior landscapes.  Redesign of the rear landscape included preservation of several historic light fixtures salvaged from the Boone County Courthouse.  The front landscape design transformed the home’s front lawn to include sweeping retaining walls, limestone stairs and a central fountain feature leading to the home’s front entry.

For all of the project phases above, Tam and her team were responsible for all facets of the design, including architectural design, decoration and general contracting.